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Swing Copters
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Swing Copters using the same graphics and style of play with Flappy Bird’s brother swing game . Instead of crossing the horizontal pipe gap, in Swing Copters . The user must control the figure of the tiny plane to fly to the left, across the obstacle there is a bar with great trembling again.  So the difficulty of Swing Copters is higher than Flappy Bird.  Because it requires players to concentrate and gather experience from many times swing game. The last offer of Eastern salt for your mental health is like Flappy Bird. Instead of going to the side, you have to lead a cute little helicopter, pointing up, avoiding the hammers from every port. Like Flappy Bird, you get one point for each passing gate swing game . Like Flappy Bird, Swing Copters combines charming pixel art with the difficulties of masochism. This time giving the fleeting life of an eye-would-be pilot with a rudder hat. As far as I know, this character has no name, but in my mind I call him Dong. So let’s get away with it.

Game features swing game :

  • Unique game like Flappy Bird free for you spiderman games for pc .
  • Graphics sound simple but interesting the swing game .
  • Simple gameplay suitable for all ages and players.
  • Save achievements and rank high scores swing copters.

How to play swing game :

  • Open your device screen up and get ready for exciting games like Flappy Bird.
  • You just need to left click continuously to adjust the direction of the boy’s flight.
  • Avoiding the highest iron bars to fly is not blocked swing games.
  • Finally keep calm with this game it’s not simple but very addictive, you can play again.

Some screenshots from the game:

swing game

swing games

the swing game

Unique and attractive game like Flappy Bird swing game with unique style and new play and get the highest score, you can watch some other good games!

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Swing Copters
5 (100%) 1 vote

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