Sir Bottomtight

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Sir Bottomtight
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Sir Bottomtight this brave man is in trouble and needs support to end his adventure running game free. Control your bottomtight, jump to get to the high ground or to the other side of the distance. Deal with your enemies using weapons and collecting idols. Explore the dungeon with Mr. bottomtight and collect all idols in your path. Dungeon dwellers do not like strangers, so they will attack anyone who enters their cave running game free. However, it does not bother the hero at all, so our brave boss will shoot everyone on the way. Jump through gaps and obstacles, collect idols and shoot enemy creatures along the way. Cross the jungle with your best running and shooting skills! Shoot monsters, collect gold masks and increase power. Run with skills to achieve hidden treasures! Oh … and avoid falling into your death! Passing through the jungle, entering the cisterns and fighting the bad people doing this game. in this action game.

Game features running game free  :

  • Good and exciting running game for free for you to play.
  • The most dramatic sound graphics jungle running game.
  • Support features in the item’s inventory spiderman games for pc.
  • Save your achievements and scores free running game.

How to play running game free :

  • Open your screen up and race in the most dangerous forest.
  • Tap the screen to jump and discharge the bullets to destroy the native resistance monsters.
  • Collect ancient statues to lift achievements.
  • Finally go the farthest you can to win running game free online .

Some screenshots from the game:

running game free

free running game

running game free online

One of the most exciting and dramatic survival running game free using hunter guns to get rid of Aboriginal people and survive the farthest and you can refer to some other good games!

Sir Bottomtight
5 (100%) 1 vote

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