Sushi Ninja Dash

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Sushi Ninja Dash
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Sushi Ninja Dash  experiment your reflexes in this addictive skill jump ninja game! Ninja cute jump to the wall to wall, collect delicious sushi and avoid throwing dangerous stars. Are you challenging? A game for you as a flying ninja that suits everyone to show off your agility and break through its difficult level.If you know Naruto anime, then you will know how awesome ninja is. Yes, the ninjas are cool and bright, but one of the abilities you do not have to do is jump off almost anything and make bouncing around as if it were made from a furnace jump ninja game. XO. It definitely makes it much easier. Really copy action with parkour, but unlike Naruto’s character. (That’s realistic with respect to reality.) Sushi Ninja Dash also has a similar wall and one thing in the game is to get all the sushi.

Game features jump ninja game:

  • Free HTML5 games popular with ninja jump the game .
  • Unique simple graphics attractive many levels spiderman games for pc.
  • Attractive new style of play attracting addictive ninja game free.
  • Save your score achievements after finishing jump ninja game.

How to play game :

  • Open your screen up and get ready for ninja hovering games.
  • Continuous clicks so your ninja can fly and collect food ninja jump game .
  • When collecting enough numbers you can get multiplier 2 to increase your ability.
  • Note to avoid darts if you don’t want to end the jump ninja game early.

Some screenshots from the game:

jump ninja game

jump ninja games

ninja jump the game

A fascinating and unique action game with simple but equally challenging gameplay certainly gives you lots of emotions also you can refer to some other jump ninja games .

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Sushi Ninja Dash
5 (100%) 1 vote

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