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Toy Factory
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Toy Factory touch groups of three or more identical toys to eliminate them. Your goal is to bring toys on the conveyor belt and get the toy factory! Toy Factory is an online block game that combines three exciting and intense free block game with great toy themes. The toys are stacked and can not be processed by production machines. To assist them, you need to put together three or more toys to clean the room and let the machine do its job. Work fast and look for large combinations that can clean up large areas at the same time. The more toys you connect, the higher your score. Use countless addictive levels and challenging online block games. Can you complete all levels and find different combinations of performance enhancements? In toy factories, touch 3 or more identical game elements to eliminate them. In this way you bring as many toys as possible into the conveyor belt. I wish you lots of fun and luck in this great game block!

Game features block game :

  • Free toy game completely for you to play spiderman games for pc .
  • Brilliant color sound graphics appeal to the game.
  • How to play simple many different screens and challenges.
  • Save your achievements and scores game block online.

How to play block game :

  • Open your computer screen and get ready for a good toy game.
  • Click to select the same toy blocks to move the carousel.
  • Notice the running time you need to complete before time runs out.
  • Use the support to go through the game screen more easily block game free .

Some screenshots from the block game :

block game

block game free

game block online

A good and unique block game that helps game carousel operate in front of large blocks of toys also you can refer to some other good games !

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Toy Factory
5 (100%) 1 vote

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