The amazing spider man 2 game

The amazing spider man 2 game
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The amazing spider man 2  – gameOfficial Game of Super Spider-Man: The Rise of the Electric Man 2! The power of the Spider like swing, spider silk, Spider Glider and mixed fists are attractive! The new story is expanded in the movie with 6 big enemies and new characters from the Marvel Universe! The massive Manhattan open world has six places to explore, from Times Square to Central Park!

The amazing spider man 2 game – the amazing spider man 2 gameplay

Unless there is a version that does not include “Ultimate Spider-Man” or “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions”. The Spider-Man franchise has always looked at the “unfriendly” view from the players. But the life is always the surprise and most surprising is Beenox suddenly cool “cool hands” spider man 2 game titles the amazing spider man 2 game pc to rise to “pretty” in 2012.

the amazing spider man 2 game

Beenox continues to reissue this year with the release of the amazing spider man 2 game, while the movie is set to air at theaters around the world.

With an uninteresting storyline, improved gameplay and fighting system, The Amazing Spider-Man is a real escape from the “movie-themed” franchise. Beenox continues to reissue this year with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while the movie is set to air at theaters around the world.

Was Beenox once again proved that his gameplay is not so “rolling” – at up down time? Let’s take a look around this New York City tour this time!

New York City – City of skyscrapers

Obviously, Spider Man without silk, not climbing, flying jump is not Spider Man. Beenox has struck the psyche of players when re-enacting a large, authentic New York City can be so that you can enjoy the adventure, travel around. Just press the Shift key plus the left mouse button (or right) that you can jump through the skyscrapers, plunge from the top down and close to the ground, then zoom out … to move. It can be said, the feeling of flying spiders like BeenOd was transmitted to players in a very “already” way.

Continuing to learn the Web-Rush feature from the previous version, while flying in the air, only one key will help you slow down time and get the player to fly precisely to where you were aiming. there. This feature has done a great job from the first and the amazing spider man 2 game online. The more it adjusts when there is no “screen” into the sky as before. The map of the spider’s smartphone is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, which is still very intuitive, marking most important places for players to reach accurately. “Flying dragon” too back … lost way!

Spiderman type fight

the amazing spider man 2 game

Of course, learning not “pure” because he spider style is very different people.

If you ask me the best superhero spiderman games for kids ever with the best fighting system ever. I would not hesitate to answer that: Batman Arkham. Indeed. The counter-attacking fighting system was so successful that there was no reason why Beenox would not have “dropped out of school”. Of course, learning not “pure” because he spider style is very different people.

Extreme moves, throws at enemies, jumps on opponents’ throats, throws opponents,… Unlike the Batman, the amazing spider man 2 game download free uses the Spider-Sense skill to dodge attacks. And “handy” dodge the enemy bullets fired by beautiful phases that even the bat guy must … jealous! Sneaky elements continue to be promoted when Spider-Man sneaks behind the enemy, then tied with silk. These action scenes have been tricked by Beenox’s slow-motion effects so players can comfortably “shake thighs” to enjoy their results.

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After the “hand-to-hand” punches, the player will accumulate his score to upgrade his skills to make Spider-Man stronger. More aggressive in combat, and agile in flight. , etc Massive battles continue to appear in the amazing spider man 2 game download. In the presence of all the evil characters in the movie such as Electro, Green Goblin, even taken out in the series such as Shocker, Kingpin or formidable. especially Carnage,…

Bosses are not available, but the bosses in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will definitely make you enjoy them as these are built quite challenging and make the player compliant!

Points that you may not like

the amazing spider man 2 game

Evil people appear and are defeated by Spider-Man in the simplest way possible

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is really worth a try, but unfortunately, the deeper the game, the more defective the defects are. The first is the story: although the manufacturer is not allowed to “flicker”. The content of the movie should not put her game Gwen Stacy smart. Sharp but the plot with a Peter Parker “single identity” Finding the killer of Ben and discovering another criminal gang in New York is too boring, lacking the necessary accents.

Evil people appear and are defeated by Spider-Man in the simplest way possible. The portrayal of Peter Parker is again developed by the developer. You drive Peter home, change clothes, say a few words to Aunt May and then go around town taking some pictures, etc. The side missions for “unlocking” images, comic books at Stan Lee’s shop suddenly look attractive as: save people, chase,… But gradually and more and more boring.

Next, the game offers a lengthy dialogue that challenges the player’s patience with options that do not affect the plot. Fist fight is hand, but the enemy (except the boss) is quite “lack of iodine”. It seems that the evil side can not fight the superhero so most of them are … Afraid and react slowly, leaving him spiders “phang” to speed! Sometimes they are also “disabled” both in terms of eyesight. And hearing when they are standing “looking far away” while their teammates are down a few meters away.

Graphics are not so eye-catching by color combinations.

The amazing spider man 2 game pc graphics are beautifully built with major New York City landmarks. Such as Central Park or the Empire Building with light effects, streets, streets are always crowded with people and cars across the country. The strongest of the ultimate spider man game is probably the clothes of Spider-Man are designed beautifully and the same movie. But the main character is not so. If Harry Osborn or Max Dillon were designed based on the cast. Then Peter Parker would be “molded” into comic form instead of actor Andrew Garfield, making him look old and not very handsome.

The sound of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not highly rated by the writer. Apart from the explosive fights and fierce beats, the sound comes from the voice acting team not from the actors in the movie. So only stopped at the “temporarily acceptable” level.


The amazing spider man 2 game
5 (100%) 2 votes

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