The best spider man 2 game

The best spider man 2 game
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The spider man 2 game is based on the movie of the same name. Although it is considered a game of eating. But spiders can get a lot of love from everyone. Here we will introduce the game quite well known.

The best spider man 2 game – spider man 2 gameplay

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an open-world action adventure revolving around. The background of New York City and engaging in various missions in the city. You can focus on the main story quests or do side quests like helping people, police. New York is facing a gang war. When four different gangs are raging for control of the city: Kraven The Hunter’s Russian. The crime family Hammerhead’s Maggia, the gang High Tech ULTRA. And The Green Goblin. Spider-Man is in charge of protecting the city from these criminal gangs.

In spite of the chaos in the city, Spider-Man also faces powerful villains like Electro or Venom. All these threats signal a fight that is not easy. The first impression I noticed was that the vastness of New York City, from skyscrapers to crowded boulevards, was present in the spider man 2 game pc. Contextual game as a day, the people here are normal activities and the task of student Peter Parker is to ensure that peace in the spider suit.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 – Adventure with spider

spider man 2 game

At the beginning of the game, you will be instructed how to spider, fly and fight.

The second impression is the freedom of the spider man 2 game download free. The game builds an open world where you can fly. Swish, go anywhere in the city like in free-roaming titles. So much so that at the beginning of the game I tried to steal the car as in the GTA. But unfortunately not because Spider-Man is perhaps the embodiment of justice rather than a criminal. Spider-Man is a great character with acrobatic ability, agility, extremely powerful and a little lonely in a big city. He is truly the perfect character for an open world where you truly become a spider and experience. At the beginning of the game, you will be instructed how to spider, fly and fight.

You can play the following exciting game by clicking here  spider man 2 game

You can run on the house wall, fly continuously in the air like a bird by holding down the jump button to shoot the silk into the wall or … up to the sky. I do not know why I can fly by flying straight to the sky but this helps you to get anywhere quickly. Combat control is also very simple, just hit the spider button repeatedly will attack the nearest target with beautiful combo attacks. However, the camera system is not really good, plus Peter’s dancing skills can be a little difficult to adapt to the spider man 2 game download novice, easy to cause dizziness.

You can also choose to shoot silk to paralyze opponents or counter attacks. If you are quick to counter-attack you can completely knock down the opponent without losing any blood. This is a feature I consider to be quite a heathen’s spider.

In addition to regular combat, to increase the cinematic game also provides more than 100 cut scenes in a quick time event. Depending on the situation you will have to press the button to jump from one to another, or firing tightly to enemy aircraft, …

Talking numbers

spider man 2 game

The spider man 2 game pc offers 5 sets of Spider-Man Symbiote, Ultimate Comic Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Iron Spider, and Superior Spider-Man.

In contrast to Part 1, there are only 25 main missions and 8 side quests. In this second spider man 2 game for free, there are nearly 100 main plot missions, 17 different side missions, 4 different types of vehicles. And 23 different types. Works and 18 different types of enemies.

The city is also larger than a half. In addition to the main enemies are Green Goblin and Electro in the game also appear other characters in the Marvel world as Venom, Black Cat, Kraven The Hunter, Hammerhead, Screwball and Mysterio. Black cat Another element that can not be ignored is the spider’s suit. The spider man 2 game pc offers 5 sets of Spider-Man Symbiote, Ultimate Comic Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Iron Spider, and Superior Spider-Man. Each suit has its own unique stats and skills. Symbiote Spider-Man – the legendary black spider suit.


The game has a 3D graphics background is greatly improved than the first. The image in the spiderman games online is very clear and detailed. You will have the pleasure of exploring the vast city of New York – from skyscrapers to crowded streets. Combat effects, combo, fire explosion are also extremely label. In addition to that, the blur effect (blurring) when jumping from above was too real, which made me shiver a few times. It is advisable for you to be afraid of heights when closing your eyes. Trees, detailed combat effects. In addition to graphics, the sound of the spider man 2 game pc is well invested. Sound effects in the fight are very ear.

The richness of sound is evident by the fact that you can clearly feel the bustle and bustle of New York City through the horn, the radio or the street people talking. The lines express the context of the spiderman games free. The characters humor as well as the love of the city residents for Spider-Man. Wherever I go, there is an encouraging cheers: “go spidey”, “go get him spidey”, “yeah spider man”. Get closer you can talk to them, even get them signature.

Standing alone, Peter would mumble some of the most common but equally witty sentences: “Do not know if there’s a new comic this week?”


spider man 2 game

The first deduction for this game is already excellent. The game is currently available on both Android and iOS.

The number of people who play the spider man 2 game for free will be huge because Spider-Man is extremely popular, certainly Spider-Man will be the hot name this summer. However, the game does not provide multiplayer features, nor does anyone understand why the game is offline, but Gameloft requires players to have a network connection throughout the game. The first deduction for this game is already excellent. The game is currently available on both Android and iOS.


Add a point, if you want to experience the ultimate spider man game perfectly, you must own a device with relatively good configuration with 2GB ram, quad core and 2GB or more free space. I lost nearly 30% of the battery after more than half an hour of gaming and the machine was quite hot. It is understandable that the graphics in the spider man 2 game pc are extremely thorough investment in addition to the vast open world environment, your phone will have to use up all the hardware capacity to be able to afford. the requirements of the game.


Contrary to the fading of Captain America’s predecessor, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 delivers a truly enjoyable experience. Although the film has not yet been released. The spiderman game 2017 has scored a small percentage in the fans. With all three criteria Game Play – Sound – Sound are excellent, can confirm that this is the summer blockbuster spider man 2 gameplay of this year.

The best spider man 2 game
5 (100%) 1 vote

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